Deakin University – Student Application Portal

Deakin University.

Lead UX/Visual Design for Deakin Student Application Portal.

Re-Design the Experience of the Deakin University Student Application Portal.

The current experience had been around for awhile and had only had minor cosmetic enhancements over the past few years to make it mobile responsive. Deakin required a full re-design and more intuitive experience for all new and current students and an experience which cater for international students who’s first language was not english. to add to the complexity of the new design the application needed to connect with a complex back end infrastructure.

Design and test a re-imagined experience of the portal. Create a more intuitive and efficient experience as to allow applicants to enter basic information upfront and revisit to enter more complex details. The design had to be modular as to allow for further types of applications such as single unit courses and scholarships whilst maintaining a cohesive experience.

Landing Page - Generic

1.05 Registration - International

2.7 Select Course - Add Course - Add Another

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